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The Howard University Alumni Club of Los Angeles County takes pride in serving the Los Angeles community in which it calls home. Through various community service activities such as serving food to the homeless, reading to kids, and spending quality time with senior citizens, we not only build a stronger organization but we carry on our alma mater’s mission to eliminate inequalities and be a catalyst of positive change within society.


Previous Activities


Love My Neighbor Foundation

For November we’ll be collecting items such as clothes, shoes, bags, toiletries, bottled water, and canned goods to donate to the Love My Neighbor Foundation for Thanksgiving. There’s a large demand for blankets, pillows, socks, women’s sanitary items, and bottled water. Please start saving your items and bring them with you to our next general body meeting OR you can join us to serve meals and distribute these items on Skid Row between 12pm and 2pm on Thanksgiving Day. You can also schedule a delivery or pick-up of items with our Community Service Chair, J. Marie. Please contact her directly at jmariemusic@gmail.com or 404-723-5537.

Los Angeles Regional Food Bank

Saturday, July 16th

Currently there are approximately 1.4 people in the Los Angeles area who suffer from food insecurity, which is about 1 out of every 6 people. On Saturday, July 16th, we gathered at the Los Angeles Regional Food Bank to help inspect, sort and repackage donated food items that will be distributed to local charitable agencies as well as individuals in order to combat this issue. During our day of service, we contributed to sorting over 60,000 pounds of food which will provide enough meals to feed nearly 44,000 people. Thank you to all who came out!

Reading to Kids

Saturday, September 10th

On Saturday, September 10th HUAC-LA members gathered at Politi Elementary School in East LA to participate in the monthly Reading to Kids event. Alumni led small groups of 5 to 10 kids ranging from kindergarten to fifth grade to read stories and teach arts and crafts. We had a wonderful time and a total of 127 kids were impacted by us being there.